Someday Never Comes

So I went to my first funeral today.  It was for a 28 year old guy- he died in his sleep, no real cause known.  I work with his mom.  Tough stuff.  In a whirlwind of me already working to redefine myself and this tragic event, it’s got me thinking about ‘someday’.  As John Fogerty said, “Someday never comes”.  I’ve got all sorts of things planned for someday.  Trips, projects, classes, get-togethers, family activities, money goals, workouts… blah, the list goes on and on.  Someday never comes.  I’m not trying to be all dooms day about this stuff.  I’m thinking more in terms that it means I should get my ass in gear to start living in the present.  Aha! If I focus more attention on each present moment and less time about what might happen in the future, I will feel more in control of my time.

It’s not about fitting into my favorite jeans; it’s about enjoying my food today.

It’s not about continuously wondering if Lyla’s propensity to play the guitar is indicative of a musical future.  Instead, it about building a stage for her and being part of her band today.

It’s not about always generating tasks in life; it’s about relaxing and spending more days playing in the yard and the kitchen.

If it’s important, you will find the time.

Perhaps it’s time to refocus a little bit, reign life in and focus our time and efforts on our goals and the true enjoyment of the present.  My girls are small and sweet and cute.  I cherish these days.  I only get one chance to raise these little people and I have to do it one day at a time, present and focused.  By spending meaningful quality time with my husband and girls now, and by staying focused on personal growth, I will reach where I am supposed to be in life.

So, here’s the deal, tomorrow I am going to try my damndest to enjoy moments in the present {aside from work where I spend an eternity planning future events}.  Each decision I make will be about what make senses at that current moment.  I’m not going to stress about someday.  It’s about the present.  Would you like to join me?


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